Monday, November 01, 2010

My New Toy

So I had to share. I just got an Amazon Kindle! Yes, totally an early Christmas Present. It's too bad I'm mid-book or I'd start using it.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Little Fairy

When my parents got together, my father had told my mother, in no uncertain terms, that they would only have two children. I don’t think my mom really had an issue with this and she never really cared to press the issue. My brother was born first. So when my mom got pregnant again, she would pray everyday that I come out a girl. She had always loved the idea of a little girl she could dress up and make beautiful outfits for. I grew up knowing that my mom prayed to have me. I also grew up with a song that I was told my mom sang to me often. It’s an Indian song that came out the year I was born.

Now I have a little girl. A “Little Fairy” of my own. So of course, I sing the same song to her. It amazes me how much she loves it. Even my son (who has his own song) loves it too. He’ll ask “Mommy, sing me baby sister’s song”. So I will.

Here is the song translated (my favorite verse is bolded):

She came to my house,
a little fairy came to my house,
mounted on a beautiful chariot of moonlight.
She came to my house,
a little fairy came to my house.
There was a sweetness like honey in her words;
and the scent of perfume on her breath.
Her lips were like wet, wet roses;
her cheeks were like ripe pomegranates.
She came to my house,
a little fairy came to my house.
From her arrival, in my courtyard,
flowers blossomed and spring sang.
Having seen her, I cannot have my fill of her
even if I see her a thousand times.
She came to my house,
a little fairy came to my house.
I asked her, "Who are you?"
With a laugh, she said, "I am your love.
I have lived in your heart since forever,
but this is the first time I've come to your house."
She came to my house,
a little fairy came to my house,
mounted on a beautiful chariot of moonlight.
She came to my house,
a little fairy came to my house, a little fairy...


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just needed to say...

So compared to most women, I had a really easy time getting pregnant with both babies. Not only did I get pregnant easily, I had a very easy pregnancy physically (emotionally was a roller coaster with the first one but everything worked out perfectly). The thing is, when I look at my babies, I still have to pinch myself because I feel so lucky. I still think of them as my miracles. So when someone who had a harder time makes it seem like they were the ones that REALLY had a miracle, I’m a bit resentful. My babies came to be without much heartache yes. But that doesn’t make their value to me any less then any other baby out there. Just needed to get that out.

So eventually, when I’m not in the middle of a big project at work, I want to start blogging again as a “Working Mother”. I’m sure that it seems like there are more working mothers then not. But it seems like I’m surrounded by SAHM’s. Let’s see if I can manage.


Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Almost Time

So based on the doc's visit I had yesterday, I really don't think it'll be much longer. I am scheduled for an induction exactly one month from today (4/19) so it definitely won't be past that.

Some things that would surprise me about this delivery:

- I'd be surprised if this little girl comes out weighing more then her brother did. He came out at 6 pounds at 38.5 weeks. I gained a total of 30 pounds with him (which I lost within a 3 months). So far with her, I've only gained 20 pounds and I seem to be stagnating on weight gain.

- I'd be surprised if she actually let's me go to my induction date. Whether it's because I go into labor or because I have low fluids like I did last time and had to be induced.

So far, I've been having contractions for weeks now. Each week seems to be getting a bit harder and more often. This is a lot earlier then what happened last time. I've also been told I've "dropped". I find that funny simply because I'm so short to begin with, how can you tell! I'm still kinda hoping she waits til beginning of April but in all honesty, I'm okay with whatever she decides to tell my body. I'm excited about meeting her! Now, to get her dad to give her a name...

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hopefully this doesn't sound completely crazy to everyone. The more I feel comfortable in my own skin, the more I see my many many short comings. Does that sound contradictory?

Anyway, a quick update. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. The doctors say if I go into labor now, they won't be stopping it. This baby moves like she has nothing else to do (she should be sleeping!) Then again so did her brother and he is an AWESOME sleeper. Even if he does still sleep in our bed for most of the night.

I've been having tons of contractions that are some what painful too. Doctor says it's very common for the second time around. Your body is better at having them...

Everything else looks good. She's a girl and Z is very very excited. No name yet. Still waiting on J to make a decision. I'm thinking it'll happen while we're driving to the hospital.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally! An Update!

I’ve been so bad about posting to either of my sites. My issue is work has gotten busy all of a sudden. On top of that, I have 4 months to get a ton of stuff accomplished before the baby arrives and I go on leave for 3 months.

So many thoughts going on in my head. I guess I can start with saying I’m 7 months pregnant now. Beginning of Feb I will officially enter my third trimester.

My pregnancy has been pretty healthy for the most part. Things are going as they should and I’ve only recently started feeling “uncomfortable” in terms of long days and back pain. The baby moves ALL the time. Unlike Z, she’s sitting pretty and breach. Not only that, she’s sitting with her back to outside of my stomach. She kicks organs! Unfortunately, J has yet to feel her move. But she moves! If not as violently as Z, at least as often. It’s hard to compare since their positions are so different. Here’s to hoping she moves soon.

Sometimes, I wonder how I can love this new one already when my heart seems so full of Z. He’s such a delight. Now that he speaks more, he’s constantly fascinating me with his memory, thought process, and associations (the other day he told me when he’s a big boy, he’ll wear underwear and go on the school bus). He now has a new bed which is a full size since he sleeps like his father and that means in every direction possible. He has Mickey Bedding which is his “favorite”. He says Mickey is nice and he wants to go to Mickey’s House. But he’s okay with waiting until baby sister is here because he doesn’t want her to cry. I honestly thought moving the crib out of his room would be hard on him. Not. He was like “that’s baby sister’s crib”.

As for names, we don’t have one yet. We have options but I have a stubborn husband that is not ready to settle on one. We are leaning toward one but we’ll have to see how it works out.
Hopefully I’ll be inspired to be more regular one of these days. It’s just I rather spend my free time reading blogs them writing my own!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


So it seems like it's 90% certain that I'm having a girl. She was shy and kept her legs crossed so the doctor was only able to catch glimpses. BUT, my instincts say girl so I figure that makes up for the rest of the 10%.

As of right now (have another ultrasound in a few weeks), I'm having a girl!

One of each :)