Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally! An Update!

I’ve been so bad about posting to either of my sites. My issue is work has gotten busy all of a sudden. On top of that, I have 4 months to get a ton of stuff accomplished before the baby arrives and I go on leave for 3 months.

So many thoughts going on in my head. I guess I can start with saying I’m 7 months pregnant now. Beginning of Feb I will officially enter my third trimester.

My pregnancy has been pretty healthy for the most part. Things are going as they should and I’ve only recently started feeling “uncomfortable” in terms of long days and back pain. The baby moves ALL the time. Unlike Z, she’s sitting pretty and breach. Not only that, she’s sitting with her back to outside of my stomach. She kicks organs! Unfortunately, J has yet to feel her move. But she moves! If not as violently as Z, at least as often. It’s hard to compare since their positions are so different. Here’s to hoping she moves soon.

Sometimes, I wonder how I can love this new one already when my heart seems so full of Z. He’s such a delight. Now that he speaks more, he’s constantly fascinating me with his memory, thought process, and associations (the other day he told me when he’s a big boy, he’ll wear underwear and go on the school bus). He now has a new bed which is a full size since he sleeps like his father and that means in every direction possible. He has Mickey Bedding which is his “favorite”. He says Mickey is nice and he wants to go to Mickey’s House. But he’s okay with waiting until baby sister is here because he doesn’t want her to cry. I honestly thought moving the crib out of his room would be hard on him. Not. He was like “that’s baby sister’s crib”.

As for names, we don’t have one yet. We have options but I have a stubborn husband that is not ready to settle on one. We are leaning toward one but we’ll have to see how it works out.
Hopefully I’ll be inspired to be more regular one of these days. It’s just I rather spend my free time reading blogs them writing my own!



Blogger Jannath said...

yay! congrats again to you and hubby! so excited for you :)

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