Thursday, October 11, 2007

Adventures with a 4 month old.

Z turned 4 months last week. He's absolutely amazing to me. We already have attempts to sit up on his own as well as adorable baby babble and giggles. Yesterday, his daycare teacher told me he was pretty much holding his own bottle too.

Though I think back to his earlier days fondly, I don't really miss them. I enjoy watching him grow and seeing more and more of the type of person he's going to be. I'm sure once he gets to the point where he doesn't want his mommy hugging and kissing him all the time, I'll miss those earlier days more.

Things have been pretty wonderful lately. I have the perfect balance of work and spending time with the baby. I LOVE being able to work part time. It keeps me satisfied in all ways. The only thing I do miss is free time. I don't have much of it. But I'm sure I'll just have to get use to not having all that much anymore.


Blogger Giselle said...

I didn't miss those early days until recently when I started thumbing through his baby book and got all nostalgic and teary eyed. They grow so incredibly fast. Beware: when you start missing those baby days is when u have to start worrying cuz you've got baby fever symptoms. I've got it bad :) Enjoy your baby.

4:35 PM  

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