Tuesday, May 29, 2007

His own schedule...

So he stayed nice and snug all the days I wanted him to. Now, I want him to come out and he's taking his sweet time...

Unfortunately, my body seems to have other ideas and I have no idea if this is normal.

First off, last week I got a horrible chest cold. Like, seriously horrible. It's been 10 days and I have no voice. It was embarrassing to leave a message at my OB's office this morning because I don't know if they'll be able to understand me. The call to my OB's office is because I realized that I might actually need help other then Tylenol to kick this cold. When you blow your nose and you see a bit of blood mixed in with the snot, you know that it might be something bigger then you thought. I'm not sure what my options are but I'm thinking I might be a bit on the dumb side if I didn't at least make the effort to find out.

As far as my body and the baby, that's it's own set of uncomfortable. Basically since Saturday, I've been having non stop contractions. They've gotten steadily worse as each day has gone by. At best, they feel like someone has something tied around my uterus. I feel them all the way to my back. But they are not labor. There is no consistency to them. Most of the time it just feels like it's that way permanently with bouts of more intensity (which have no consistency either). My doctor mentioned that it might be my body's way of preparing for labor. I guess I'd like to know how long I'll be expected to stay in pain while my body does this. A few more days I can handle. If they tell me it can potentially be a few weeks I'll cry. This is not discomfort. This is constant contractions.

Anyway, I have an induction set for June 11th as of now. So if he doesn't come out on his own before then (I really wanted him to come out on his own before then), it'll be a definite thing then.

My parents also arrived this Friday. They'll be staying with us for a month to help out. I actually adore having them around and am trying to get into the groove of not really worrying about entertaining them. I just feel badly because if it does take a few more weeks, they'll basically be hanging out at my house trying to pass time til the baby comes. Being impatient on my own is bad enough. Being impatient with them is even harder. And of course the contractions are making me cranky so that doesn't help much either. Thankfully my brother will be arriving on Wednesday so he can entertain them for a few days.

That's basically it with me and my frustrations. On a good note though, my blood sugar seems to be regulating. I've "heard" that as you get closer to the time, your body lets off more of the hormone that messes with your blood sugar and your body starts heading back toward normal. I've had reduce my insulin doses already a few times in the past 4 or 5 days. Hopefully closer to the time means a few days and not a few weeks :P


Blogger Jennifer said...

Yeah, I had the contractions for about a month with Samantha. With Nate I had back labor the entire time, so I didn't realize they were contractions.

The ones with Sammi were a bitch. I even went in to get hooked up to the machine to find out what was going on because they wouldn't go away. I wasn't in labor, I was just having consistent contractions all day for about a month.

Hopefully he comes out soon. The end was always the worst for me.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

I didn't really have constant contractions... just Braxton Hicks quite often during the last month or so.

Hoping he comes out soon... I got lucky and she surprised me when I wasn't ready! :D Can't wait to see pics of him when he finally gets his little butt out!

9:31 PM  

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