Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's starting

This week is my 30th week. I'm 7.5 months pregnant.

I have the swollen feet and the aching joints when I wake up in the morning to prove it...

Life has been hectic and I'm tired to the point of absolute exhaustion every evening. I need to slow down but I can't really do that yet. At least I got some much needed emotional comfort from J last night.


Blogger snoochface said...

Wow, you are getting so close! I'm excited for you (so I can only imagine how excited you are!)

A friend from church was going through gestational diabetes too, and she just had her baby a couple of weeks ago. It's completely gone now and she and baby are totally healthy. *hugs*

9:42 PM  
Anonymous ashley/ryllina said...

This part is hard, because you only get MORE uncomfortable and MORE anxious about what's coming.... but I honestly miss this part the most!

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone - at least from this side of it. ;)

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Tembleque91 said...

At least your nearing the end, you should post some pregnacy pics. :) I bet you look cuter then you feel.:)

How is everything when will you stop working?

10:12 AM  

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