Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick Update

I have been so utterly busy with work, the idea of posting with any type of feeling is just beyond me right now. I did want to say some quick things though...

1. I'm having a baby in 6.5 weeks! The doctors basically confirmed they won't go past 39 weeks though as of right now, they don't plan to do anything before 39 weeks either. After this weekend I will be 33 weeks pregnant.

2. I realized I'm a lot more fragile now then I use to be when I was younger. I don't know if it's because I had so much more bravado back then and fooled myself into thinking I was more emotionally resilient then I was. But the fact of the matter is I now realize that though I may be a survivor, some things in life are capable of breaking parts of me that will never be whole again.

3. I do plan on taking pictures soon since I've been horrible about keeping up with the sheer growth of my belly. I am now screwed when it comes to my insulin shots because my belly is so tight, I have like two spots on my sides that actually have anything to pinch. In those two spots, I have to give myself 4 shots daily. Yes, I have bruises.

4. I feel guilty that I don't have a journal of the entire pregnancy. My poor child will never know what I went through from day to day. Then again, he's a boy so the question is how much will be really care?

Okay, I'll post more later hopefully. Hope everyone is doing well!


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