Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post of Updates

It’s been a while. A long while since I posted. I have been feeling a bit like blogging again but I can’t say for sure that I’ll really stick around. To be honest, I’m not sure if anyone checks this site anymore anyway. Just in case though, I’ll post an update.

My son Z just turned one earlier this month. I adore him to pieces but I find that motherhood was a bit tougher then I anticipated. As of right now, I don’t know if I could handle another child. Thankfully, I don’t have to make that decision at the moment.

There have been about 4 couples that are fairly close to us that have split up (or are on their way to) in the past year. One was a “finally!” The other two were a “Really? That’s too bad since there’s kids involved.” And the last is a complete smack in the face. A couple with 3 children and have been married for 17 years. It hits me harder sometimes because things have been tough with J. We’re adjusting to life with a baby. We’re learning now to be selfish with him and each other. Or at least, I think we need to learn that. I know in my heart that it’ll pass and we’ll be fine. But sometimes, it just gets scary when you hear about other’s lives. And sometimes, I just want to make sure we try harder to make sure we get no where near the point the others are at.

I’m working and actually enjoying my current project though I’m cognizant of the fact that I do want a career I can take a bit more seriously. I don’t want it to be the primary focus of my life. But I want to be valued a bit more then I feel here. Not sure how or when I’ll pull it off with a baby though. Maybe when he gets a bit older.

We’re taking our first family “vacation” together this summer. We’re off to San Francisco for 10 days. I’m a bit concerned with how things will be traveling with a toddler. I’m also concerned that our frustration with the situation will come out with more bickering. But hopefully things will work out okay.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully I’ll have the time and the drive to post random posts. Meanwhile, I’ve been reading tons of trashy romance novels!

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Anonymous tembleque91 said...

I check :) everyonce in a while.
Parenting is a lot harder isnt it not that there arent rewards but it definatley takes up more time then could have ever been imagined. Relationships can be affected its one of the things I wonder about for when I get married etc.

Glad to hear from you,

V (aka tembleque91)

2:25 PM  
Anonymous V (aka tembleque91) said...

Oh I forgot my tips for traveling with a toddler.

1-Keep them awake till you get on the plane

2-bring food, I found grapes to work pretty well.

3- If you can afford it get them there own seat and strap them in there chair. Even a two hour flight is a long one when the kid wont sit still and is kicking the people in front of you.

4- Do your best not to do anything really hectic when its there normal nap time.. They tend to get pissy.. lol

I have more but I will have to come back im on a deadline lol

2:31 PM  
Blogger Mina Wolf said...


Awesome advice. Unfortunately, with airline prices where they are, we're forced to do the lap child thing. We've resorted to keeping him napless until it's time to fly or flying in the evening when he'd be going to bed for the night.

Oh, another thing I learned...airlines now days are too cheap to keep milk on the plane so be prepared :P

6:44 AM  
Blogger Kristie (J) said...

One thing they don't tell you when you get married is that it is the hardest job in the world. You are constantly having to compromise when that is the last thing you feel like doing, you have to put your own wants and needs aside someone else's and that goes against our grain. You constantly question whether you made the right decision to marry this other person or not.
But if you are both willing to work at it, the pluses so far outweigh the minuses. You have someone to see you through all the tough times, someone to walk by your side, someone who knows you to the very depth of your being and someone who loves you even if you do go crazy. You have someone by your side in the happy times and even more important, someone by your side in the sad times.
I think so many marriages don't work out because both partners aren't willing to do the real work involved. But the thing is - it's that way with just about all marriages.

8:20 PM  

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