Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby turns Toddler

Each day I spend with Z, I find myself amazed. I find myself laughing all the time. Especially lately. Z is going from being a baby to being a Toddler. I'm excited and anxious about this time period. Excited because I get to see more and more of HIS personality come through. Anxious because there's so much pressure! I find myself constantly worried about his development. Not so much phyiscal development though sometimes his lack of fine motor skills does concern me.

I mean, there are all these guidelines oh what your child should know at what age. But no one tells you different ways to teach them these things. What if the one way they suggest doesn't work for your child? What if you're not doing it right? What if that's not what your child wants to learn at this point.

Jr right now, is all about walking and running. He does enjoy sitting down and reading a good book in between his circling around the living room which makes me feel a bit better. But for the most part, it's about pushing chairs around the dining room and running around as much as possible. So when is he going to learn those 3 to 5 words he should know by the time he hits 15 months?



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