Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So we recently picked up a puppy. A Newfoundland puppy. When J first suggested this breed I was a bit taken aback. First of all, I had never heard of them before. I definitely had never seen one. After doing my research, I admit I was a bit disappointed at their looks. They're not the most attractive dogs in the world. I did agree that temperament wise, they sounded ideal for us. The search for a breeder began.

We found someone about 4 hours away that had puppies and had two males left. We drove over to PA and met the mommy and the 10 puppies! I looked a the mommy and realized there is no way anyone could look into that dog's face and be intimidated. The most gentle loving eyes. The cocking of her head to the side. I fell in love with Maddie. The puppies were all over the place one minute, and fast asleep the next. We picked the puppy that seemed to be our fit and went home to await his homecoming.

The naming was tough. We went from Teddy (short for Teddy Bear) to Zeus before finally deciding on Odin. Odin the Norse god was fitting for a majestic dog that had Nordic roots. The best part is we could nickname him Odie while he was growing up.

I'm the first to admit I don't know anything about dogs. I was and still am I bit intimidated. But I'm trying. I gave him a dry bath last night and poor baby thought I was attacking him with the shampoo spray bottle. But by the end, he had his head snuggled into my lap as I brushed him down.

This weekend, we start puppy training. The whole family. I still feel a bit insecure in taking care of Odin. It's the whole stress of feeling like someone else could do so much better then me so why am I doing this! Hopefully as time goes on, Odin and I will get more use to each other.



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