Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Life throws you curveballs all the time. Then, you live with someone like J and it’s not just life that’s throwing the curveballs.

We had an interesting conversation this weekend. Here’s the gist of it. Keep in mind, it was spread throughout the weekend at different times (this is an example of long meaningful conversations when you have kids).

Me: “I think getting off Birth Control in March is a good plan. I don’t want to wait too long after all. Being a diabetic only gets worse with time.”
J: “hmm, why not just get off right away then.”
Me, with a shocked look on my face: “Like, right away? Like, get off BC in October?”
J: “What sun sign would that make the baby?”
Me, blinking at him rapidly: “Err, Cancer. But seriously, October?”
J: “Well, I guess you get lucky and don’t have to deal with Three Gemini males then.”
Me: “Well, I have an appointment with the OB/GYN beginning of November, isn’t that good enough?”
J: “Nope, October. Call and see if you can get it pushed up.”
Me: “Can I know your reason for this sudden rush?”
J: “Well, we’re going to have another child. Might as well get it over with.”
Me: “It just seems so sudden!”
J, smirking: “Oh no, did I mess up your careful planning honey? You did say I could decide when to try for the next one.”
Me: “Okay, if you’re sure? I’ll call the Dr.”
J: “I’m sure, call the doctor.”

So yeah, I have an appointment for October 14th to get my IUD out. Let’s see what life will give me this time.

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Anonymous tembleque91 said...

DUNDUN DUN. Baby #2 :) God time has flown..

1:29 PM  

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