Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baby Hair

So it seems my baby needs his first hair cut. I see the uneven bangs and the hair that curls over his ears and realize that I can’t put it off forever. But for some odd reason, this is a very hard thing for me.

Most people think I should take him to one of those baby salons and get his head buzzed. I keep hearing “It’ll grow back!” Yes, I know it will. But until it does, I don’t have the soft fine hair to rub my lips against while I put him to sleep. I look at his hair and think to myself “I saw this hair in the ultrasound 15 months ago.” Why is this haircut such a big deal to me? I really don’t understand why it makes my heart ache. The thought of his not having the messy hair that has grown so dear to me. There really is no sense in mothering sometimes.

On another note, I chopped off all of my hair. For the first time since my age was in single digits, my hair is above my shoulders.

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